Spanish Lessons Online

Online Spanish Lessons utilize the teaching methods of immersion study. As such, lessons will be conducted in Spanish. I offer instruction to beginners, intermediate and advanced students. With each online session I review the homework sent in, correct it, and return it through email. Most sessions last one hour, live via Skype (private 1:1 chat) which can utilize either voice chat or instant messaging. Use your imagination and figure out your individual learning needs and we will work together to determine an avenue of study best suited to you.

The first two lessons are offered free of charge and allow me to assess your current skill level and learning needs. There is a considerable amount of room for individualizing your lesson plan. I can also provide instruction in other subjects (Mexican or Latin literature, history, politics, and art, for example). For US and International students, payments may be made by Visa/MC/Discover or American Express credit or debit cards or by bank draft. In the US, payments are usually made by check or money order.

From A Student

"The use of these online classes at [Paulino Spanish Tutor] is flexible and adaptable to your unique learning needs. We have sent "Lino" many students over the years including a lawyer who studied 3 times a week for two hours a session; an author who was interested in translating a book he had written into Spanish; a university student wanting help with a Spanish literature course he was taking; a psychotherapist who wanted to improve his Spanish to pass a bilingual exam for a county mental health department so that he could improve his linguistic competency to provide psychotherapy and case management in Spanish and many more each with their own specific learning needs. We take classes ourselves and look forward to many more enjoyable Sunday mornings with Lino!" Charley Hodson

One Hour Individual Lesson

$18.00 per lesson

  • one time fee
  • Flexible Schedule
  • No commitment
  • Credit/Debit

8 Hours 8 hour-long classes

$120.00 one-time

  • $24.00 savings
  • Set Schedule
  • At your pace
  • Credit/Debit

10 Hours10 hour-long classes

$150.00 Best Deal!

  • $30.00 savings!
  • Set Schedule
  • At your pace
  • Credit/Debit

Language Structure

Learn Spanish grammar concepts and get a firm grasp of the structure of the language with my books, "Classic Spanish", versions 1, 2, and 3. These are books that I wrote, that teach you the essentials of Spanish through guided lessons you can receive online. I have refined these books much like I have refined my program over the past 30 years.

5 Steps to Fluency

1) Learn to speak Spanish conversationally with spontaneity about any subject

2) Learn to understand and discuss what you read in any Spanish newspaper or magazine

3) Learn to understand and discuss what you read in any Spanish technical or scientific article.

4) Study and discuss Latin American and Spanish literature: novels, short stories, essays, and fairy tales.

5) Learn to write and compose creatively or technically in Spanish: Poetry, short stories, essays, and technical/scientific work